On average last year, each Knight of Columbus gave 38 hours in service to his neighbor. That’s basically the equivalent of one work week from each Knight.

A Promise From a Christian


Jesus freaking loves you.

Even if you’re gay.

Even if you’re not a virgin.

Even if you’ve killed people.

Even if you don’t go to church.

Even if you hate him.

He freaking loves you so much that he died to prove it.

But now you have to come to Him. You have to turn from what you are doing so that you can turn and face Him. He is reaching out His hand, but you have to take it.

Hollywood and the media called any attempt to make sure that abortionists had admitting privileges as just a way to limit a woman’s right to choose. The results of a doctor not having admitting privileges to a hospital is just being realized as an important part of “women’s health” so that lives can be saved if a procedure goes wrong - and abortions do go wrong.

Could the death of Joan Rivers be what it takes to move this argument? My faith is not high, but it is something.

What’s the real war on women and healthcare discussion? We want women to be cared for by trained professionals. The abortion lobbyists seem to want to make sure they can increase profit and numbers regardless of the health of the woman.

Sesame Street has an episode on about feeling frustrated with adults who text too much. Wow…

If we cannot support religious liberty here in the states, how can we expect the rest of the world to listen to our opinion in the Middle East?

I Am Not The Rapist’s Baby, I’m a Human Being and Glad I Wasn’t Aborted
A human being worthy of respect and a chance at life.
There is a new clump of cells growing inside of her.
Things the media and politicians will never say about the royal family and celebrities but that they want us to believe about everyone else.
Make prayer a part of all that you do.

Make prayer a part of all that you do.

Notre Dame’s Catholic and Fortitude points just went down.
On the plus side, in the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, some individuals remain. Fr. Miscamble has always been fantastic. Hold true, Fr. Bill:
“Holy Cross Father Bill Miscamble, a professor of history at Notre Dame, echoed Dempsey’s concerns about the optics and the substance of the university’s decision to approve the group health plan for students.
“The university’s decision … seems designed to clarify that it doesn’t care about Church teaching or the position of the bishops on the mandate,” Father Miscamble told the Register.
“It completely reverses its previously stated position — made in a court of law — that to provide contraceptives and abortifacients to students and employees would violate its own sincerely held religious beliefs. One wonders what exactly has happened to those beliefs.”
Further, the history professor has not seen any formal statement explaining the decision to approve the group health plan for students, and he criticized the lack of transparency regarding a crucial moral and legal matter that goes to the heart of the Notre Dame’s mission as a Catholic university.”

A fetus is a person at a certain stage of development. A fetus has a heartbeat. Abortion stoos that heartbeat. Fetus. Infant. Toddler. Teenager. Elderly. All just stages of the human life.
Sad, but true.
Peace on all fronts, but according to the truth.

Sad, but true.
Peace on all fronts, but according to the truth.



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