God, grant me the faith not to lose hope.

God, grant me the faith not to lose hope.

I almost feel like Gabriel

I am so happy for a prayer answered and an encounter with God. I really feel like I had a chance to be a prophet for Him and to help increase someone’s faith.

There is a coworker-friend of mine who I know has a Catholic background, a few glimmers of faith, but does not agree with the Church on other aspects and I don’t think she practices regularly. I have prayed for a couple of her intentions before (without her asking me to), which she appreciated when I told her that I had. I know that she and her husband have been hoping to have a baby, but she also seemed unsure about how difficult it might be for her situation.

A couple weeks ago, around the copier, actually, I just had this vision of her and a sense of calm and just knew she was going to be pregnant, that it would all work out. I took a risk and told her, “You know, I really might be overstepping my bounds here, but God and I talk every now and then. I can just tell you that it is going to work out and that you are going to be pregnant before the school year is done. I don’t know what else to tell you – I just know you will. It’s going to be OK.” She teared up a bit and smiled and thanked me.

Well, she came to me and told me today that she is going to have a baby. She had only told her husband and mother and won’t be telling work for a while, but she had to let me know because of what I had said to her.

When you talk to God, you start to know His voice. There have been a few times when, as crazy as something sounds, you just get a peace about it. That’s how you know it is God. Every time I have heard that voice and taken the faith to act on it, I have not regretted it.

This is the crown from the Our Lady of Fatima statue used in last weekend’s Consecration and which now sits at the residence of Pope Emeritus Benedict. I just learned that the object coming down from the center is the bullet that lodged in Pope John Paul II after a failed assassination attempt in 1982. He always credited Our Lady with his survival.

This is the crown from the Our Lady of Fatima statue used in last weekend’s Consecration and which now sits at the residence of Pope Emeritus Benedict. I just learned that the object coming down from the center is the bullet that lodged in Pope John Paul II after a failed assassination attempt in 1982. He always credited Our Lady with his survival.

Popes Benedict and Francis: Different Colors of the Same Cloth

Just read a sort of brilliant thought. Pope Francis and Pope Benedict simply have different personalities. The teachings are the same. Both are consistent with the Church.
In those personalities, one has to also understand  that neither is one dimentional. For those that followed him (and not just mainstream media accounts), we know that Pope Benedict had a very quiet, loving, and humble side. His reflection, understanding, and courage to retire was an ultimate act of humility, which is the trait that people seem to admire most in Pope Francis.
Those who have done their research on Pope Francis know that he has routinely been in the lion’s den of conflict, but his style has been one of charity and trying to lay low so that he can penetrate the hearts quietly. Do not ever mistake his humble nature for lack of conviction. His conviction is to the truth and to Christ. The media’s wordsmiths and editors may twist what he says, but he will not be twisted because Pope Francis knows he is of a higher truth. He is a servant to that truth, which does not change.

Fr. McGivney, I need a favor.

"and let it begin with me."

Yesterday, we were a part of a day of prayer for peace. Pope Francis asked for the day seemingly because of the world and Syria, but I also found myself thinking of my own family and including prayers for peace in my own 4 walls. Then, the words of St. Francis echoed - “and let it begin with me.”

Well played, Pope Francis. Well played.

Giving All (Proud Papa)

Tonight my 6 year old son pulled out “The Giving Tree” to read for his bedtime story. I told him how much I loved that book and he said he’d never read it before. As we read, he got that worried look and was sad, particularly as the tree gave all her branches.

Eventually, he was crying a bit. We talked about how giving can make one happy, even though there is sacrifice. He seemed amazed when I shared how that is what parents do. “But don’t YOU want to be happy?” “Knowing that our children are happy and taken care of makes us happy.” I mentioned that one of those other people who gave was Jesus, that He died for us because he loved us.

And my little boy, my 6 year old boy, said, “You mean like when at church Father says, ‘This is my body, which was given up for you’?”

Wow, he has been paying attention.

He was still struggling to understand, but aren’t we all? I’m just so proud that he was on the right track.

Real men on a Friday night

Went to a larger Knights of Columbus meeting tonight gathering info for our council. It felt great to be in the presence of about 60 men that share my beliefs and values. Something powerful about saying a decade of the rosary with so many men all at once.

This tendency for the government to claim for itself authority over all areas of human experience flows from the secularization of our culture. If God cannot be part of public life, then the state itself plays God.
Cardinal Francis George
A house divided

From today’s Gospel from Luke 12:

Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? 
No, I tell you, but rather division. From now on a household of five will be divided,three against two and two against three;”

My guess is that this reading hits home for many of us. We need to stay true and follow the right path, and sometimes that means that others who go on different paths will be angry that we have not stayed with them. People know the truth, but they don’t like to be reminded of it.

I know that in my family that I have been unfriended and not included in certain outings or discussions. There is that look you get at some family events. Groups of friends from old Catholic school days now judge me harshly because I am still Catholic. I know I am doing the right thing, but there is suffering. Jesus was also abandoned.

What are some ways that you have had your family divided or that you have had to go your own for the sake of God?

Mary joins us, she fights at our side. She supports Christians in the fight against the forces of evil. Especially through prayer, through the rosary. Hear me out, the rosary… Do you pray the Rosary each day? I don’t know, are you sure? There we go!
Pope Francis - August 15, 2013 Feast of the Assumption

Proud to be a Knight.

As members of the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization, Yap says, the Knights consider this charity work to be not just about helping their neighbors, but part of a calling that ought to be transformative for all involved. He sets as a goal doing his part to make sure men who are Knights under his leadership “become better Catholics, better men, better husbands.” Sometimes a new member will come in satisfied with being a confession-once-a-year, Mass-on-Sunday kinda guy, Yap continues, but it is our duty to help a brother see that those sacraments should transform him. Charity and catechesis are not just about helping neighbors in need, but about opening hearts to the countercultural call of Christianity.”

Each time we ignore God’s voice, our conscience becomes more deaf.
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